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The QUEST Post-Amputation Pain Study

Neuros Medical is sponsoring a clinical study for the treatment of post-amputation pain.


The QUEST study (High-FreQUEncy Nerve Block for PoST-Amputation Pain, is a randomized controlled study of up to 180 patients at up to 25 clinical study sites in the U.S.  The purpose of this clinical trial is to evaluate whether electrical nerve block via the Altius System is a safe and effective treatment  for patients with post-amputation pain.

Key Requirements

You may qualify to take part in this clinical study if you have:

  • One amputated lower limb
  • Frequent and recurring pain which resulted from amputation

Research Device

The trial will evaluate the Altius System, an investigational device which provides an electrical nerve block. Eligible participants will be implanted with an investigational medical device. The device includes a Cuff Electrode, which will be gently coiled around the nerve, and Generator, which is similar to a pacemaker. Together they will deliver an electrical signal to the nerve.

Caution: Investigational device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.


For more information please visit, Identifier: NCT02221934


If you would like to be contacted with regards to this study, please fill out this short form or call 888-255-3830.